California Public Records Act (CPRA) Request Form

Per the California Public Records Act (CPRA), I hereby request reproduction of the following records and, upon the production of said records, agree to pay the appropriate fees as follows:

Document reproduction fees: $0.10 per page (free if less than 10 pages) for single-sided paper documents** $0.05 per page (free if less than 20 pages) for double-sided paper documents** FREE for electronic files (PDFs, audio files, etc.) delivered via email or secured website ** Audio files may require electronic delivery.

Certified document fee: $10.00 surcharge will be added to any of the above fees if official LAHD certification is requested. Certified documents can be provided free electronically, please print out on a color printer.

Computer programming time fee (for complex requests requiring special programming): $70.00 per hour (We will notify you if computer programming time is required to fulfill your request. Payment for programming time must be made before documents will be produced.)

Please complete the form below to request public records under the CPRA. (Please note that the CPRA only applies to existing records held by LAHD and that some records may no longer exist due to their corresponding retention schedules. CPRA does not require a government body to create new information, to do legal research, or to answer questions. Requests for information [e.g. questions, clarifications, etc.] are not subject to the CPRA and should instead be directed to our public information hotline at (866) 557-7368 to be forwarded to the appropriate staff member.)

*** Required

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Required if paper records are requested
Required if paper records are requested
Required if electronic records are requested; if provided, we will communicate with you primarily via email
Please provide a description of the records you are requesting, including document type (ie Notice to Comply, Inspection report, rent complaint, etc...), specific case numbers, property addresses, and APNs [Assessor Parcel Numbers] if available. If you can provide specific time periods (ie 2010-2014), it may help us retrieve the records more quickly)
Surcharge applies. Please see the fee list above.
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Printing fees apply. Please see the fee list above.
Paper Records?

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